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Of course, AnnyAI will , and any text. But if you want, you can even to answer everything or find the to make you smile. There are NO LIMITS!
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Use AI where the data is

AnnyAI is a browser extension.

How do we use AI? Typically, we have DATA + PROMPTS and send it to the AI. With AnnyAI, you simply select text (data) from any website and click a button (prompt). It's that easy!

Use your own OpenAI API key.
No expensive subscription service. Using your own OpenAI API key is cheap.
No more log outs.
AnnyAI is always ready to go. No more logging in and out like in ChatGPT.
Simplify with buttons.
You can create as many prompt buttons as you want. Be creative!
Advanced security.
Your Open API key is AES encrypted and only stored in your browser.
Powerful editor.
The button editor gives you full control over the prompts, system settings, temperature.
Fast forward.
Nothing beats the speed of clicking a simple button. Give it a try and save time!


Pay once, use forever.

No subscription, just a lifetime license.
This is the way.

AnnyAI Free


A nice browser extension to use OpenAI directly in the browser.

  • Create unlimited prompt buttons
  • Advanced prompt button editor
  • Use your own OpenAI API key
  • No more logouts

AnnyAI Premium


The premium version of AnnyAI has everything from the free version +

  • (Get the pre-launch price)
  • Save & search messages (coming soon)
  • Chat option like ChatGPT (coming soon)
  • Support an indie developer
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